Skype going to end support for Android 2.2 and lower

Skype going to end support for android 2.2 and lower devices. Android devices running 2.2 and lower will unable to sign in and make calls. this is the email i got from skype today.

Skype apps for Android OS 2.2 (or below) are being permanently retired
We’ve noticed that you are, or previously were, signed into Skype on a phone running the Android 2.2 (or below) operating system. We’re sorry to inform you that we are now retiring all Skype apps that work on these older versions of the Android operating system. As a result, within the next few weeks, you’ll no longer be able to sign in and use Skype on any Android 2.2 (or below) phone. If possible, we recommend that you upgrade your phone to a newer version of Android to continue using Skype.If you’ve been using Skype on a more recent Android device, the above does not apply.You can still stay in touch with friends and family using Skype on your desktop computer, laptop, phone, tablet or even an Xbox One. You can sign into them all using the same Skype account. The latest versions of Skype for all your devices are available at

it seems that skype is continuously discontinuing support for older operating system. before this, they discontinue support for Windows XP Service pack 1 and service pack 2, and now they are going to end support for older Android version.

By the way, may be skype team thinking that older operating system are more vulnerable than new operating system which are less vulnerable.

Tell us about your views about this, and comment if you have an Android Device running 2.2 or lower version.

Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go is Now Available to Download for Android

Angry Birds Go

The long Awaited Kart Racing Game from Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds Go is now available to download for Android. as Rovio Mobile promised it that they will launch the Game in December 11, so they Released it for Android on Time, but The game was available on iOS devices from 28 November.

Angry Birds Go for Android

The Game supported the in-App purchases, so you can buy upgrades for your Karts. the game is so fun and addictive. currntly it have 4 levels, but as for initioal version, it is ok, Rovio will update the game will more levels regularly.

You can download the game from Google Play Store, but currently the Game may be not shown in search result in some regions.,when you searched for Angry Birds Go. so use the Direct Play Store Link to Download it to your Device.

This Game is also Available for Windows Mobile and Blackberry 10.

Links: Angry Birds Go for Android,  iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry 10


free online Multimedia Services to convert, cut and join audio and video files

free online Multimedia Services to convert, cut and join audio and video files

 free online Multimedia Services to convert, cut and join audio and video files

Managing your audio and video files can be a big headache. often you people use free cloud services to store your audio and video files. if you want to convert a video file to audio format then you have to download that file from your cloud storage. but what when you can do these things online.

123apps is a free online service that lets you convert, cut and join multimedia files, with an option to import and export to / from you cloud storaeg such as dropbox, skydrive and Google Drive.

if you want to convert a video file and save it to cloud service, or you want to convert video from your cloud service and save it your local hard disk. you want to cut multimedia files online or you want to merge/join multimedia file online. for all your such question, 123apps is ready to help you.

if it’s time to play with your multimedia files, then head over to with closed eyes.

123apps offers these online free services:


Google play Store apk lastest version 4.5.10

Download Google play Store apk lastest version 4.5.10

Download Google play Store apk lastest version 4.5.10

Google play Store’s new version 4.5.10 is rooling out in Android phones and tablets. it probably auto updated in your Android device, but if you not received this update then you can you can download Google play Store apk lastest version 4.5.10 and install it menually.

Here are few major changes in this update:

Google play store 4.5.10 change log:

  • Google play will show in-app perchases label in the apps that supports in-app purchase.
  • Google +1 profile pictire will be circular for consistency with the Google+ interface.
  • you are now able to share you Google play Store activity to Google+.

Link: Download Google Play Store 4.5.10 apk

convert webpage to image online

convert webpages to image online with page2images

convert webpage to image online

often you see at websites or blogs where bloggers show you preview of a website, specially on Themes and Templates websites where developers show you a complete preview of their Theme or Template. you may worried how they do that. well, it is so simple to make a preview of a webpage. there are severel online tools and softwares that can do this. one of them is page2images. with page2images you can easily convert webpage to image online.

when you open page2images, you will a neat and simple interface. enter the webpage links one by one, separate by a line. after that select resolution from device & screen section. after that click on submit button. after a while you can download a zip file containing your screenshots of webpages. for a complete preview of webpages, you have to enable the option “capture entire page”.

Link: page2images

page2images also let you capture images of webpage in bulk and also allow you to download screenshots for mobile devices, such as android, iphone, ipad, windows phone and blackberry.

Redesigned Facebook Like and Share Buttons

Redesigned Facebook Like and Share Buttons

Redesigned Facebook Like and Share Buttons

Facebook Recently updated it’s Like and Share buttons. back in 2010, when facebook first introduced the like button for websites and blogs, they did not change it. there were just minor changes to these two buttons. but now you can enjoy redesigned facebook like and share buttons.

To upgrade to these facebook buttons, you do not want to do any thing, if you have implemented these button to your website or blog, then these buttons will be automatically updated to new design.


the Mario Kart like game Angry Birds Go will come to Android and iOS on December 11


Rovio Entertainment is Ready to Make a new thrilling game. This upcoming game is like the Mario Kart Racing Game.

Angry Birds Go release date:

The Global release Date of Angry Birds Go is December 11 2013. This Game will Available on Android and iOS. This game will available fee to Download.

It is also expected that Angry Birds Go will available for BlackBerry 10 and Windows Mobile 10, But it is not sure about that.

View The Game Trailer:

Head over to for complete Detail about this Game.

fix Disk IO error in Skype

fix Disk IO error in Skype

fix Disk IO error in Skype

A recent Error seen by many Skype users is “Disk I/O Error”. this is Another Error of Skype. Here is a small trick to fix Disk I/O error in Skype. fixing this problem will hardy take your one minute.

fix Disk IO error in Skype:

  • Quit Skype from task bar or if you are unable to quit it, use Task Manager to force close Skype.
  • open Run… from Start menu, or use Win+R key combination to open Run…
  • in Run box, type %appdata% and hit enter key,
  • now you will see many folders, look for Skype folder and delete that folder, or if you don’t want to delete it, just rename that folder to some thing.
  • close the folder an open Skype.
  • it will remove the settings of Skype, and Skype will reset to default.
  • The Skype should work now properly.

if Skype not work after this tip, leave the comment here, will help you as much as i can.


PogoPlug 20 GB Cloud Storage promo for Life Time

PogoPlug Cloud Storage is offering 20 GB Storage Space for life time. there is no Monthly or Annual charges.

normally, when you signup to Pogoplug you get 5GB of Cloud Storage Space. but, Pogoplug is running a Promo these days.

when you signup via this promo link, you will get 20GB Cloud Storage for Life time. there is no information about deadline of this promo. so, hurry up and grab your Cloud Storage Space .

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PogoPlug 20 GB Cloud Storage promo:

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